Monday, June 18, 2007

tell it to the judge

In April I had a super cool assignment in Marfa, Texas to photograph friend Amy Cook for the music issue of Elle Magazine. There was so much to shoot and I shot it all. It was one of those pinch me I am getting paid assignments. So today when I saw the July issue of the magazine I almost cried on the spot. I know that disappointed feeling well from working at newspapers for 15 years, but for some reason the feeling worsens working for magazines. Maybe it is because I had to wait almost 3 long months to see it and then blam-- cut outs, cropped photos and bi-line in the gutter and where is the V??


Anonymous said...

Sorry you were disappointed in the small space in the magazine, but I was still excited to see some of your work.
One thing about it is, I recognized the work with out even having to look into the spine to find the missing V.
You can be disappointed in the published version of your work, but never be disappointed in the work itself. It was indeed beautiful.

Oliver said...

So bad, I'm sorry.
Sure the guilty is of one of those pseudo graphic designers!

leila said...

i will never read elle magazine again. sorry allie. you need ice cream

mk said...

elle was just afraid your work would blow the waifs off the rest of the pages.
v for vose, v for va-voom.