Wednesday, June 06, 2007

on a roll

I have started a new project . Picked up film from the lab today and was disappointed to find that the film did not advance. It is just one photo after another, no-spacing. On a good day I would chalk it up to the finer side of shooting film--the mistakes, the surprises, but today is different. I was looking forward to picking up this one roll. This one roll I thought would get me rolling on this new project. Also, my DSL at home was blown away by the last Texas storm so until June 9th it might be all quiet on the blog front. Blame ATT.


leila said...

bummer!!! maybe you can try again with all of this internet down time?

Anonymous said...

i love this photo of the crucifix framed by the fake fruit.

Anonymous said...

crucifix project cool..or plastic fruit project cool.. or fire extinguisher project cool.. or cool freezers for summer Ha all fun.. milton