Tuesday, May 01, 2007

where did I go wrong?

Just got 2 rolls of film I shot on my lomo back from the lab. These are three of the six photos that came out. Everything else was blank. Shot these back in November on an assignment in Hawaii. Good times.


moiremusic said...

Oh dear, I've had this problem many times with Lomos over the years. Assuming your battery/batteries are good, they probably aren't making a connection all the time. I had to bend the battery terminals in a little so the batteries fit in there tightly. (I also have a folded up fortune cookie fortune in there so they don't shake around... nice surprise when I have to change batteries, heh). Then just make sure when you're shooting to watch for that red light in the viewfinder.

I suspect that these cameras were designed to use one long battery (I bought one from Russia that had that), but here in the US we put three smaller batteries in it's place, and they don't exactly fit like they should.

avs said...

awesome tips. trying batteries first!