Wednesday, January 03, 2007


2006 is just a few days behind. I sort of miss the comfort of it. It was a great year for many reasons: willie nelson in alpine, texas for valentines day, reconnected with friends, good times in NYC with my 3 cousins, enchanted rock 2 times, started new projects, fun challenging assignments, a solo sell out photography show, had a beautiful summer in Maine, flickr, got published in Art Prostitute Issue 8 and in the amazing American Photographty 22 book, made great new friends, stuck with Yoga, learned how to cook, mom turned 70, zac announced running for mayor, bought a house, discovered some great new music, made a few great roadtrips, saw Beck twice in concert, sean and kelly got married, anne had a baby, was hired to shoot a portrait in Hawaii, dolly python photo booths!, ate a few ,9, corny dogs at the state fair, obsessed over my half frame camera, laughed with friends , learned how to make links on blogger. There were also a lot of almosts , if onlys and what ifs. I learned a lot & feel a bit wiser. I am looking forward to this years challenges and laughs. I hope there is nothing but the best for all of us.


leeloo said...

this is my favorite post of yours. ever

Mainbrain said...

You make it sound like 2006 will be a tough act to follow, but look what you've already done---cooking away, planning the next yard sale (am I obsessing about this yard sale too much?), finished one assignment, made a fire in the backyard. You've crammed more in the first 3 days of 2007 than most people, I imagine.

weeklybob said...

Cool horses! Im glad you are our freind!