Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the A list

so here it is .. my list of favorite, inspiring photo books. I could not limit it to 10 and they are in no particular order.
-OKokOK Mike Slack. a simple books of Polaroids. published by my fav JL books
-Crushed Jason Fulford. similar to OKOKOK in design. Cool eye and the boss of JL books
-Polaroids Walker Evans. it is beginning to seem like I am on a Polaroid kick. Not true. I am just on a kick. This book is beautiful. Plus the foreword talks about how Evans who was basically retired from photography had a creative explosion when he was introduced to the Polaroid. The endless pages are evidence.
-Once Wim Wenders . this book is in my top 3 favorite books. Wenders shares photos from his travels and then combines them with beautiful stories.
- Self Portraits and Little Screens Lee Friedlander. I'd like to pay a visit to Friedlander's brain for an afternoon-- I am afraid that's all I could handle. His self portraits are weird and cool and wrong and beautiful all at once. His book Little Screens is basically the coolest book on my shelf!
- In the American West Richard Avedon. hello signed first edition copy (thanks mom and dad circa 1985)
-Guide William Eggleston. i have several of his books and they are all great, but the size and quality of this one stands out.
- American Surfaces Stephen Shore. best packaging of any book I own plus favorite photographer and role model award.
-Thank You Robert Frank. a sweet little book of postcards that people have sent Robert Frank over the years.
-Half Light Half Made Worlds Alex Webb. I studied with Webb in 1989. I bought this book from him then. He taught me about the importance of color. This book is off the charts.
-Dorchester Days Eugene Richards. signed first edition. Signed "with affection". Hello. I also studied with him, my hero, in 1989.
- Social Graces Larry Fink. there is really no one else like him. That's what I love about Fink. His photos always pop out from the rest. This is my favorite of the 3 books of his that I own.
-Photo Film Danny Lyon. a hard to find German printed book of Lyons. Amazing photos.
-Diary of a Century J. Henri Lartique. my favorite book of all time. A birthday gift from my parents in 1990. If you ever find it, buy it!
- Vanishing Breed William Albert Allard . I forgot I owned this book. First edition from 1982. I saw Allard for the first time when I was 17. He was smoking a pipe and seemed very intimidating. He was in my mind the epitome of "Geographic" photographers. Damn he is good.
-Disfarmer a beautiful book of portraits published by Twin Palms Publishing. Buy it. I noticed the other day a new book published about Disfarmer, the roaming county photographer, however, this Twin Palms book is superior.
- YoPhos ok .. I had to mention it. In 1989 I was published in a book about 10 "young photographers". I was 18. "upon graduation from college I want to work for Life Magazine." too bad they are out of business.

So there you have it. This list may continue to grow when I rediscover some books. Thanks for listening.


tomleininger said...

I am not sure what I expected, but this list is great. The Allard book is amazing...wow Disfarmer...had not thought about his work in a long time.

Anonymous said...

wow! i love lists and this one is great! i want to see these books next time I am over. Will the favs be highlighted in a special section?

Mainbrain said...

Don't know about the books, but LOVE the bookshelves!

nerver said...

the William Eggleston is truly amazing.