Tuesday, October 31, 2006

just can't get enough

here is another family portrait I shot last week. My latest dilema: I usually show up to photograph familes with hasselblad and my digital cameras. Then I assess the siutation. Light, age of the kids, amount of film in my camera bag. I prefer to shoot Hasselblad and feel that my client gets something entirely different if I end up shooting Hasselblad vs. digital. Does it all matter? Can you tell a difference? I guess what matters most is I can tell a difference in the way I shoot with one vs. the other.


Jessica L. Stewart said...

I like the photos you take with both but I do prefer the h to the d. Did you say you could attach a digital deal to the hasselbad?
This photo is beautiful. I love it!

ronin1516 said...

Another Hassy fan here. I am a B&W film luddite. :)